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About Natural Earth Paint


About Natural Earth Paint: The Business

Natural Earth Paints

Happy 4th of July!

Making Earth Paints


Tutorials for Fine Artists


The Complete Eco-Friendly Artist Oil Paint Tutorial

How to Clean Oil Paint Brushes Without Toxins or Solvents

How to Store Your Mixed Oil Paints or Keep Paints Wet Longer

Make Your Own Natural Egg Tempera Paint

Make Your Own Natural Oil Paints

Happy New Years from Natural Earth Paint


Natural Face Painting step by step Tutorials


Eco Craft & Face Paint Tutorials

Face Painting Tutorial: Flower

Face Painting Tutorial: Tribal

Face Painting Tutorial: Cat

Face Painting Tutorial: Feather

Natural Face Painting for the Fourth of July!

Natural Earth Paint - Easter Egg Dyeing Techniques

Natural Earth Paint - Painting Easter Egg Tricks

Happy Valentine's Day from Natural Earth Paint