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Fine Art Supplies

Natural Earth Paint

Earth and Mineral Pigments


Use this vibrant color to add passion to your pieces. Make a beautiful palette of colors. Non-toxic and 100% all natural.  Buy it today. Help us save tomorrow. 9 More Reasons to Buy Our Natural Earth Pigments:  Produces a vivid vibrant...

Natural Earth Paint

Eco Gesso Kit


As an eco-friendly artist you know your choices matter. Our Eco Gesso kit is non-toxic, professional grade, and primes up to 15 medium sized canvases. Help us save tomorrow. Buy it today.    14 More Reasons to Buy Our Eco Gesso...

Natural Earth Paint



Your work is important. So is your health. Eco-solve is a professional grade thinner that is non-toxic and all-natural. No harmful vapors, no headaches. Help us save tomorrow. Buy it today.   10 More Reasons to Buy Eco-Solve  Can be used to...

Glass Muller (Hand-crafted)


Hand-crafted by local artisans, these beautiful, glass mullers are perfect for ensuring your paints have been thoroughly mixed. Using a glass muller guarantees that every pigment particle has been completely coated in oil which eliminates the risk of...

Natural Earth Paint

Hemp Organic Raw Cotton Canvas


Support sustainable agriculture with Hemp Organic raw cotton canvas. This is a premium grade, 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton duck, medium texture artist canvas. The perfect Eco-conscious choice for painting with our Complete Eco-friendly Oil Paint Kit,...

Natural Earth Paint

Natural Impasto Medium


Thicken or extend your oil paint naturally without toxins and preservatives. Add distinct textures to your next masterpiece. Help us save tomorrow. Buy it today.   11 More Reasons to Buy Our Natural Impasto Medium:   Contains 1lb of Artist...

Natural Earth Paint

Organic Walnut Oil


Make your paints smoother and richer by mixing powdered earth pigments with all-natural Walnut Oil. Unlike linseed oil, Walnut Oil does not yellow over time. Help us save tomorrow. Buy it today.   7 More Reasons to Buy Our Walnut Oil:   Our...

Natural Earth Paint

Palette Knife


Larger head size makes it easy for you to mix paint. Blunted steel edges are resistant to “sharpening” even if you regularly mix abrasive earth pigments. Made with all natural materials. Help us save tomorrow. Buy it today.    5...

Natural Earth Paint

Gum Arabic Powder


Use Gum Arabic as a natural plant-based binder which works in many paint recipe . Help us save tomorrow. Buy it today. 7 More Reasons to Buy Our Gum Arabic Powder: Contains 85g (3oz.) of Artist Grade Gum Arabic Powder You can easily create the binder...

Natural Earth Paint

Colour Mixing Chart


Learn how to create beautiful and varied hues of earth oil paint with this easy to follow chart. Using the natural earth oil paint colors, this color chart shows how to create many colour mixtures and beautiful possibilities. It also shows how each...