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Earth and Mineral Pigments

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Use these vibrant colours to add passion to your pieces. Make a beautiful palette of colours. Non-toxic and 100% all natural. 

Buy it today. Help us save tomorrow.

9 More Reasons to Buy Our Natural Earth Pigments: 

  • Produces a vivid vibrant color
  • Excellent lightfastness
  • Conveys intense emotions with the highest luminosity because the colours are free from preservatives and other fillers
  • Each 84g (3oz.) packet makes the equivalent of three medium-sized tubes of professional oil paint when mixed with NEP Walnut Oil or linseed oil 
  • Composed of a natural earth clay affixed with botanical dyes
  • Does not irritate the skin 
  • Non-toxic and safe for use by expectant moms and health conscious artists
  • Packaging is 100% post consumer recycled and biodegradable 
  • Made in the USA

Use our earth pigments to create your own professional watercolours, guache, pastels, tempera, printmaking ink, modelling clay and more! Check out our recipes here.

See our Resources for Fine Artists page for video tutorials, recipes, articles and more.


More about our Natural Earth Pigments:

Venetian Red – Color Index # PR102: After testing many red earth pigments from around the world, we chose this vibrant red from a family-owned quarry in Italy for its luminous and rich red color and mixing quality. Natural Iron Oxide. Lightfastness - Excellent Venetian Red MSDS

Orange Ochre – Color Index #PY43: A vibrant and warm natural orange pigment comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide. Lightfastness - Excellent Orange Ochre MSDS

Yellow Ochre – Color Index #PY43: This beautiful yellow ochre comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide. Lightfastness - Excellent Yellow Ochre MSDS

Terre Verte – Color Index # PG23: After testing many green earth pigments from around the world, we chose this rich green from a quarry in France.With yellow undertones, it is more translucent when used alone and a rich, opaque green when mixed with white. Natural Earth Loam. Lightfastness - Excellent Terre Verte MSDS

Ultramarine Blue – Color Index # PB29: This radiant blue pigment is the only color that has been fired to get this vibrant color. It is composed of 90% earthen clay and 10% man-made, non-toxic minerals, and it is heated in an oven to a high temperature.The composition of the mineral is Si4O10(OH)2Mg3. Throughout history, blues in nature were very rare and usually made with precious stones like Lapis Lazuli. These stones are now unsustainably harvested in Afghanistan, so we have found this beautiful, non-toxic and sustainably-made alternative. Origin - France / Lightfastness - Excellent Ultramarine Blue MSDS

Burnt Umber – Color Index # PBr7: This rich and beautiful deep brown pigment comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide. Lightfastness- Excellent Burnt Umber MSDS

Violet Ocher – Color Index # PR 102: This violet earth hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It is a beautiful earthy reddish, brownish violet. If you would like a more true color spectrum purple, try our “Ultramarine Purple”. Natural Iron Oxide. Lightfastness - Excellent Violet Ocher MSDS

Black Ochre – Color Index # PBK 11: This earthy black natural ocher comes from a comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide. Lightfastness - Excellent Black Ocher MSDS

Titanium White Rutile – Color Index # PW6: An opaque white pigment with high opacity to use alone or lighten other colors.Titanium dioxide occurs in nature as the well-known mineral, Rutile, found in metamorphic and igneous rocks. Rutile is the second most abundant mineral sand. It is processed to extract the pure white mineral that we use in our paint kits. Note: Not to be confused with Titanium Metal (Ti) which is a silver metal that can also be derived from the same deposits but is a separate component. Titanium Metal is not a part of Titanium White pigment which does not contain any metal. Lightfastness- Excellent Note: The children’s white paint is made with limestone powder. Titanium White MSDS

Natural Mica Gold - Color Index # PW-20: Our Mica is a very fine, non-tarnishing, brilliant gold that adds a lovely sparkle to paintings. Mix with walnut or linseed oil to create a beautiful gold paint. Note: If added to white or opaque paint, it will get buried. Because this pigment is so fine, it tends to float and disperse easily into the air - we recommend wearing a Niosh certified mask if your paint mixing process creates dust Natural Mica Gold MSDS

Ultramarine Purple - Color Index # PV15: This is a beautiful and unique bright purple, similar to Dioxazine Purple, that no other combination of pigments can create.1 0% organic, manmade pigment fixed on an earthen clay mineral base. Origin - France / Lightfastness- Excellent Ultramarine Purple MSDS

Burnt Sienna – Color Index # PR102: This rich and beautiful deep brown pigment comes from a comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide. Lightfastness - Excellent Burnt Sienna MSDS

Raw Sienna - Color Index #PY 43: This light, raw sienna is a beautiful golden color with a slight greenish/yellowish undertone. It comes from a quarry in France. Lightfastness - Excellent Raw Sienna MSDS

Raw Umber - Color Index # PBr 7: This rich, raw brown earth has a cool greenish undertone. It comes from a quarry in France. Lightfastness - Excellent Raw Umber MSDS

Brilliant Yellow - Primary Yellow pigment, similar to Cadmium Yellow - 10% organic pigment fixed on an earthen clay mineral base. Origin - France. Lightfastness - Excellent Brilliant Yellow MSDS

Emerald Green - Color Index # PG 17: Beautiful, opaque and bright, rich green. Very UV resistant and powerful tinting strength. Lightfastness - Excellent Emerald Green MSDS

Mayan Red - Color Index # PR 287: A beautiful, vibrant, bright red. After years of searching for a completely non-toxic and professional grade bright primary red, she's finally arrived! Makes beautiful, bright pinks when mixed with white. Composed of a natural calcium carbonate base processed with organic, man-made pigments. Semi-transparent. Very archival and humidity resistant. Lightfastness - Excellent Mayan Red MSDS

Mummy Red: This newest addition is an ancient and historic pigment from Armenia.This region is known for their rich, pure earth pigments and this beautiful orange-toned red was mined from the same ancient site that pigments have been harvested for thousands of years. Lightfastness - Excellent Mummy Red MSDS

Mayan Turquoise: A beautiful and true turquoise shade from France. Mineral pigment affixed on a natural base (calcium carbonate). Lightfastness & UV Stability - Excellent Mayan Turquoise MSDS

NOTES: All pigments have excellent and permanent UV lightfastness - far superior to synthetic pigments. Can be mixed with all binders to create many different types of paint. See our Natural Paint Recipes.The natural iron oxide pigments are the most archival pigments available (thousands upon thousands of years!)

Caution: Use care when handling any dry pigment. Avoid inhaling pigment dust, and use a mask when mixing.

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