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Homemade Beeswax Varnish

Homemade Beeswax Varnish

2019 Dec 25th

One of the most common questions I get about our natural earth paints is....

"Can I paint wooden toys with earth paints and will the paint come off if a baby is chewing on it or if it gets wet?"

The answer is yes, the paint is perfect for wooden toys and is quick and easy to paint and clean-up with water BUT yes, it will wear off over time or if chewed on UNLESS it's varnished. Many toy makers have been using these paints for their toys for several years and they use this super easy, natural oil and beeswax polish to seal their toys. It's expensive to buy pre-made so you might as well whip up a batch yourself - a little goes a long way!

Natural Beeswax Varnish / Polish Recipe

  1. Fill a measuring cup with 4 oz olive oil
  2. Add 1 oz pure beeswax, broken into small pieces (or use beeswax pellets)
  3. Heat until beeswax is completely melted
  4. Pour into a glass container that can be covered to save excess polish (be careful because the mixture is very hot)
  5. Allow to cool until mixture forms a solid, much like the consistency of lip balm
  6. Use hands to polish the wood’s surface
  7. Let polish sit on wood a few hours or overnight, then wipe off excess with a clean soft cloth



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