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Eco Paint Made with Natural Ingredients and No Harsh Chemicals

2020 Nov 4th

Eco paint is made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals as you might assume. What you might not know is how many companies misrepresent their products to seem safe. Words like Non-Toxic in the industry are commonplace. The New York Times published an article in 2018 about a number of school supplies including Asbestos and Benzene. Even in trace amounts these “Non-Toxic” crayons and markers were quite the opposite. So how do you know who you can trust in a world where these marketing tactics are abused in an unregulated industry? Ask about the ingredients, the company’s Safety Data Sheet and even just seeing what ingredients are on the packaging will tell you how transparent a company is. With transparent companies being the better option.

Let’s look at the first example of a Safety data sheet to show you what I mean by “Non-Toxic” products in the industry. Here is a normal brand we all know and love’s Safety Data Sheet.

At first everything looks fine and you think great! Then you keep reading…..

So they have some legalese pointing out that you may need medical attention for inhalation, skin or eyes getting product in or on someone’s body and truth be told some people have allergic reactions that is super rare and doesn’t affect over 99% of the population so they are just protecting themselves from the >1% right? Ask yourself this though why does it say to call poison control or a doctor immediately for treatment advice upon being ingested? So you keep reading………

Now you see that handling, storage and cleanup all recommend anything from protective clothing and equipment to oxidizing materials. A safety data sheet for many things could scare you and depending on the product your risks vary. All we are saying is that children are more sensitive to chemicals because of their size. So, when a child weighs 20 lbs. or even 30 lbs. the ability to handle a certain amount of table salt could be sending you on a trip to the ER so even trace amounts of harmful chemicals have a magnifying effect because of their smaller size. Thus, you need to consider what you want your children to be playing with.

At Natural Earth Paint Canada, we selected our products based on their positive impact on the environment pulling natural ingredients and organic compounds such as soil pigments, walnut oil, etc. Now you can feel good buying paint from a paint company with Natural Earth Paints and materials. With all-natural ingredients this organic paint can be mixed to make a water-based paint or oil-based paints. If you want to see more content like this share this with people you know and comment below so we give it another go.

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