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DIY! Natural Confetti Eggs for Easter!

DIY! Natural Confetti Eggs for Easter!

2019 Dec 21st

Confetti eggs are a fun and eco-friendly Easter tradition that you can easily make with kids at home!

by Hannah Medina



1 Natural Egg Dye Kit

Large Needle

Leaves or Edible Paper

Hole Punch

Tissue Paper


Emptying the Egg

1. To empty the contents of the egg, you’ll need eggs, a sharp object (I’ll be using a seam ripper), and a bowl to catch the egg whites and yolk.

2. Start by poking into one end of the egg with the seam ripper until you have a hole about 1 cm in radius. Into the opposite end of the egg, poke a few small holes.

3. Then, holding the egg over your bowl, blow into the side of the egg with smaller holes until the contents of the egg come out of the other end (I found that this is easier if you use a toothpick to break the yolk first).

4. After all of the whites and yolk have been emptied, rinse the egg with water and set it aside to dry.

Decorating and Stuffing the Egg with Confetti

1. For directions on using our Natural Egg Dye Kit, see our blog post here:

After the eggs have completely dried, it’s time to fill with confetti!

Although you can use store-bought confetti, a fun alternative is to try making your own biodegradable confetti at home. Biodegradable confetti is better for the environment and removes the need for cleanup after breaking the eggs!

2. Gather some leaves from outside and punch holes to create some vibrant green confetti! Depending on the plants around you, you can make different colored confetti using different leaves or dried flower petals.

3. Another option is to purchase edible or biodegradable paper and punch out holes.

4. Use a cone of paper to transfer the confetti into your dyed eggs.

5. Lastly, using a small piece of tissue paper and glue, cover the larger hole and let dry.

6. Then TADA! A completed eco-friendly confetti egg! Have a happy Easter!